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Trending Now: Wedding Bouquets

One of the best things about managing the social media and Real Wedding Submissions here at Emily Sullivan Events is that I get to see all the gorgeous photos from our weddings. Some of my favorite photos to swoon over are the bouquets!! It never fails to amaze me how beautiful those bouquets can get. Here are some bouquet trends that I am LOVING right now...

One trend that I definitely love right now is GREENERY! Emily Sullivan says that is the millennial in me, so maybe I can't help it! In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much greenery in a bouquet. I love that Taylor (in the photo below) went with all greenery for her bridesmaids bouquets. They give a stunning pop against the bridesmaids white dresses!

***Pantone named Greenery as the Color of the Year, so fingers crossed we see more greenery-filled bouquets!

The bigger the better, right? (In most cases, yes.) I am a lover of big bouquets! With smaller bouquets I feel like I am just not getting enough. However, I do have to say I am not a fan of bouquets that are bigger than the bride herself. Please know when to stop ladies! When a bride has a gorgeous selection of flowers with tons of greenery sticking out it gives the bouquet that “big, overflowing” look, like Daisy’s bouquet below!

And who doesn’t love wildflowers?! The rustic/bohemian look is another fave and gorgeous wildflowers always add to that. I love when a bride includes bright and colorful wildflowers in her bouquet (with lots of greenery to accent, of course). It adds such a fun pop of color and is a great contrast to a white dress! Jennifer’s bouquet below is a beautiful example.

Although these are my current favorites trends, I think that all shapes, sizes, and colors of bouquets are beautiful. I always love seeing the finished product from our creative partners and the different creations they come up with. Always Amazed!

What are your current favorite bouquet trends? Let us know!

Photography and Florists:

Picture 1: Lainey Reed Photography, Prim and Proper Picture 2: Josh Williams Photography, Crystal Vase Flowers Picture 3: Starling and Sage Photography, Leaf and Petal NOLA

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