Emily Sullivan, Owner and Lead Planner

Owner and Visionary, Emily Sullivan, has called New Orleans home for the past 15 years. From her very first night in town (think Goldmine and Flaming Dr. Peppers) until now, she has embraced everything about the city and considers herself a tried and true local. She showcases her love for the city in every wedding she creates. Hospitality is her spiritual gift and many times she can be found cooking for friends or making dinner plans to meet up the city’s best restaurants. 


She started her business back in 2006 as a single mom and has established herself as a go to planner in the area by creating a business that is always evolving and staying relevant in the industry. The business and daily struggles that come along with entrepreneurship have made her very passionate about educating others in the industry and she has spoken to groups including NACE, Wedding MBA, ILEA, Catersource and The Special Event. 


As a Southern Girl, she has built countless relationships with local vendors. On wedding days, Emily is a master problem solver and logistics queen. She has a calm demeanor which helps her clients feel at ease and able to enjoy the day.


Her time off is spent traveling with her 2 boys, Lake and Taylor, who have a goal of visiting all 50 states together. 


Likes:                           Dislikes:

Dim Sum                      Pity Parties

Diet Coke                     Substituting Diet Pepsi for Diet Coke

The Beach                    NFL Referees

Getting up Early            The IRS

Uptown Parades

The life of the party! Melissa has been a part of ESE for over 4 years now. She is a mom of 4 and devoted friend to many. Melissa keeps us prepared and always ready for the next event by overseeing our production side as well as our rental company - Lovestruck Linens and Decor. She also assists with the day to day operations in the office including team scheduling and management.


On wedding days, you can always find Melissa on the dance floor teaching the out of town guests some of the local dances, directing our load in team or waving traffic past Bourbon Street so our limos can arrive on time.

Likes:                                          Dislikes: 

Her HUSBAND!                           Being on a Diet!

Volunteering                                 Dog Hair                          

Spinning                                     Cooking

Mexican Food                             Coffee Flavored Anything


Melissa Lasalle, Production and Rentals

"Emily and her team are bananas. The very concept of how they approach weddings is unbelievable. From the decor to having everything on time, it's remarkable how these people are still with their heads on straight. A fantastic team to work with that only produces high quality!"

                                       - Jorge (Cinematographer)

Emily is absolutely AMAZING! I feel like there is nothing she can't do! She makes you feel like you're the only bride she's working with and always makes herself available if you need her. She knows what she's doing and she will be 100% honest with you about it all. She definitely becomes more than a planner to you and makes you feel extremely comfortable to go to her with just about anything. I really could not say anything negative about my experience with Emily and if weddings were a regular thing, I would most definitely be working with her for all them!

                                       -Rachel (Bride) Sept. 2018

"As a business owner it is such a pleasure to work with Emily Sullivan Events. Emily and her team understand that as coordinators you have to be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. They do an incredible job of being what people need at the appropriate time. Inevitably something is bound to go wrong, but Emily and her team always finds a way to not only solve the problem but make it look like there was never anything wrong in the first place. She takes a common sense approach to events where everything that’s planned or coordinated “makes sense” in a way that leaves you wondering why people do things any other way. I can’t stress enough how this takes the pressure off of both vendor partners as well as the clients themselves. ESE is truly one of the best of the business hands down. 

                                                   - James (Musician)

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