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Every time someone hears that I’m a wedding planner, I get the same question. “Do you work with many Bridezilla’s?” The honest answer to that is NO! Most of the time, my clients are amazing to work with and even when nerves get the best of them, we’re able to talk through it. The reality is that planning the largest party of your life can be very stressful and sometimes that leads you to lash out at those around what’s my advice for keeping your cool?

First of all, hire a wedding planner! A good wedding planner is worth her weight in gold. I always tell people during our initial phone call that it’s hard for me to list every possible thing I do for my clients in our proposals, but it’s all inclusive and goes way beyond the planning aspect. I mediate with family, talk you through decisions when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and help you keep perspective throughout planning. That personal relationship and having someone to throw ideas at and check in with will become very valuable to you along the way.

Experienced wedding planners also have systems in place so that you know when you should be doing certain things which helps you know that you’re on the track. While you can get general information on blogs and wedding advice columns about all topics, planners in your actual region are able to give valuable advice in terms of logistics and timeline that are custom to your area.

Second, figure out what’s important to you in terms of the overall event and keep reminding yourself of that anytime things start to feel out of control. Don’t let the little things bother you. I personally love all of the pretty details just as much as you...but that isn’t what you’re going to remember when thinking back on the wedding day and it ultimately isn’t what’s important.

Also, continue to make your future spouse a priority during planning. You don’t want to let this event consume your relationship. Remember why you’re getting married in the first place. Keep in mind that some spouses like to be more involved in the planning process than others so if planning is your thing and not your partner’s, include them on the big things but don’t discuss every detail along the way. You may be disappointed when they aren’t as excited as you are and this can cause some friction.

My final advice… Don’t let everyone else’s opinions and thoughts bother you! This is YOUR event and while you will want to include others (especially those that are paying), you should do things the way that you envision. Most stress comes when there are differing opinions over every detail along the way.

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